Firstly we wish to compliment the care and  education these young people already receive, while further expanding their  horizons through new environments and physical challenges. Each time a child  takes part in camp they experience fun, friendship, support, instruction, and respect.

We believe that the impact of these  activities on each child's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual  development is positive and life changing. Our desire is to equip and empower  each child to maximize their true potentials in life and transit from being  recipients of the local community to becoming significant contributors to the  wider society. Themselves becoming 'agents of change'!

Challenging Attitudes

Through the simple expression of God’s love and  encouragement these children become more self assured and acknowledge their own  abilities. There is so much more that camp programs can offer to impact their  lives. It allows each individual to mature and grow with a solid foundation.  Our goal is for these precious children to have a greater sense of  independence, higher level of responsibility and definite level of  self-respect. These attributes can be  learnt with interaction with team members and tailored skills training  incorporated into our programs.


We are also preparing to develop mentoring support for the children so that after  camp they can continue to be supported and grow in the areas of development. We wish to  raise up local workers who will be able to meet with the young people during  the year building lasting relationships. The mentor will focus on strengthening  the foundation and to build upon the child’s independence and personal  development.


Through bringing the  young people into the community we aim to provide a greater awareness of their  needs and abilities. Many people are touched by the care that they show each  other and the way they overcome daily challenges. Our time with each child  is not just about fun although this is a very important aspect of our work. More importantly it is about building blocks for their future.


We  understand that each child has a different threshold to what 'challenging' means to them. For some of our campers holding a special pen and colouring can  require immense concentration and determination. The level of achievement they  experience after completing one drawing may be compared to another child  mastering archery. 

Our activities cover a wide spectrum of activities from crafts to sports, swimming  to low ropes. As the children grow in ability and confidence we are able to  incorporate greater challenges. Our desire is to promote their strengths and  ability so they can maximise their potential.