EMA  staff have been working with underprivileged, abandoned young people and those  with disabilities in China  since 1994 when they first visited an orphanage in Central China and Southern China.

Through that experience, they saw many needs  of the children and felt compelled to let them know the unconditional love of  God. Over the subsequent 3 years they  made many more short term trips to be an encouragement to those young people and  to build deeper relationships with them.

In  early 1998 they were given a vision to enable these underprivileged young  people to learn of more of the world around them and to experience joy, love,  comfort, friendship and receive encouragement that builds confidence.

In 1999 they were able to hold their first  activity for 15 children from  Southern China Although this was a small beginning the  impact on those 15 young people was immense.

It proved to be a glimpse of the vision that lay before them.


Since  then the number of activities has grown each year with opportunities to reach  more children in both Central China and Southern China. In January  2005, EMA was registered as a Hong Kong charity with the intention of reaching more children in China.

In 2006 it also registered as a Charity in the United Kingdom.

This  is only the beginning of the story as the team continues to press on towards  the vision of building a dedicated inclusive activity centre for many more  young people to be able to take part in like changing experiences.

This centre will enable a greater variety of  activities and establish vocational training opportunities. 


It will also be used to train teams of local  staff so they can be better equipped to reach out to a wider network applying  similar programmes.

The EMA logo is literally the Chinese character for life (ming).  This individual character encapsulates a wealth of meanings including life, destiny, vitality, decree or heaven's mandate, among others.  It represents to us the diverse opportunities we seek to provide for each camper to experience the vast measure of life to the full, just as every one of us was created to have in Christ Jesus.


The red signifies the heart of Christ being at the centre of EMA and the entire ministry, while the yellow represents an invitation to each one to soar on wings of eagles and rise to greater heights.


As a whole, the image also illustrates a person standing by a mountain.  While this implies the nature of our work as being adventurous, it also serves as a constant reminder of God's love and faithfulness to the campers, regardless of abilities.