Eagles Mount Adventures is a Uk charity

EMA staff have been working with underprivileged, abandoned young people and those with disabilities in China since 1994 when they first visited an orphanage in Central China and Southern China. 


Through that experience, they saw many needs of the children and felt compelled to let them know the unconditional love of God.  Over the next 3 years they made many more short term trips to be an encouragement to those young people and to build deeper relationships with them.

Eagles Mount Adventures

We support the Chinese government and other relevant non-governmental organisations (NGO) to give these children hope for the future. We believe such partnerships will enable more young people to have opportunities for life-changing encounters.

Eagles Mount Adventures sees each child as precious in God’s sight. We aim to enable them to become all that they have potential for, to be significant contributors to society, themselves becoming “agents of change”.

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